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When children teach us what it is to be strong

Another challenge starting in the great race of Thomas and his friends, today we will meet Raul, his new Brazilian friend. Raul carries with him lessons about agility, determination and strength.

I confess that motherhood brought me surprises and enormous discoveries, one of them was to realize that beings so small and who seem so fragile have a lot of strength within them. With small or large gestures of strength and determination, they are there, showing us that they are very capable and often transmitting all this force.

When Caio was only 4 months old, he had bronchopneumonia and was hospitalized (I think it was one of the most difficult moments of motherhood for me) and even in that different environment, having to take medicines administered in the vein and inhalations every 1hs he was always smiling at me , Showing me that even though he was so small and looking so fragile he was very strong, and his strength made me even stronger. In these four days of hospitalization Caius taught me how he could be strong.

And Clara already showed me how strong and brave I can be, I’m scared to death of cockroaches and already knowing about this mother’s fear when a cockroach appeared in our old apartment and it was just the two of us, she did not hesitate to come and comfort me by promising Who was going to kill the disgusting little bugger, took the slipper and even with fear, showed all his strength and courage, killed the same baratinha. Showing me, once again, how children can be strong and determined.

Now let’s go to the fun part: the weekly challenge

I told you that Thomas now has a new friend, right? The Brazilian locomotive Raul that represents all the strength and magnificence of our green and yellow country. He will show us that agility and strength are very important for several moments of life, and this is how he will be able to complete full-speed maneuvers and win the race that will soon be presented to you on the new Thomas & Friends DVD.

But while the DVD does not arrive, Raul launches the challenge of this week: Share with us moments in which our children seem to be as strong as this super locomotive!


Look at Caio in another moment of strength and agility, showing that size makes no difference. Even at playtime your determination and strength are evident.

Come share with us also these moments of strength, agility and determination of the little ones, be part of  #Equipe Thomas  together with us sharing these moments of your child.

Access the link   and upload your photo or video on Thomas’s website.

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