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Renewed riding blocks to play and develop your baby’s reasoning

When we have babies at home, we usually do not resist and buy several little toys to interact with. Or we win and inherit from the children of relatives and friends. And it can happen that we are left with a lot of stopping, lying in a corner for lack of use or because the child no longer sees grace in that object.
If this is your case, then first of all, it pays to read the post in which we talk about the ideal toys for babies as per their stage of development. You will find that you do not need so many.

And the other tip is to look for ways to recycle, or rather, find new ways to play with the same objects you have at home. Patricia Marinho, for example, has already written about using lids of cliques like toys for babies .

Today I’m going to hitch a ride on the tip that Lily Grillo sent us through Facebook , which she saw in the 5-minute Crafts: use cubes to create a toy to develop your baby’s reasoning.

Homemade toy that provokes the reasoning of babies_printable_dado foreground and back pieces

I really liked the idea, but since I no longer have babies at home, the rubber or plastic riding cubes we had been donated. If this is also your case, no problem. We have created a free PDF for you to download, cut, paste and assemble the paper cubes. If this is your case, start here to create your fun cubes by clicking and downloading the PDF.

PDF – Fun Time Cube

In addition to the PDF, you will need glue, scissors and a sheet of cardboard paper, cardboard or a thinner box, these of toys or gifts.

Print the PDF Cubes TempoJunto to Mount and glue on the toughest sheet of paper. Expect to dry thoroughly and trim the bucket. Fold in the indicated lines, glue the white tabs and mount your cube, as in the photo.

Homemade toy that provokes the reasoning of babies_printable_dado glued in the paper card

Homemade toy that provokes the reasoning of babies_printable_dado ready with data open in the background

Ready! You will have three cubes to play with your baby to assemble and disassemble each of the figures. You can assemble in the sequence of colors, or mix them up, forming new characters. How about inventing and telling your child who they are, what names and what each of the little dolls do?

Reusing and recycling

If you have these plastic or rubber cubes (there are wood also) you will need scissors, duct tape and this other free PDF here:

PDF – Fun Time Cube Images

Look how cute they are our little playmates!

Homemade toy that provokes the reasoning of babies_printable_safe the sheet

Print the PDF, cut and tape each part on one side of the cube. You will need three cubes to play with.

Done that, just show it to your baby and start the fun!

Another alternative is to only print the PDF, cut and play with the same loose images, creating different figures. Can give you several options.

Homemade toy that provokes the reasoning of babies_printable_changed pieces

With this joke, in addition to your baby recognizing body parts, he will also train the reasoning to find the figures with the corresponding colors. And it will also train the ability to flex rules, changing sequences, creating figures with different colors and proving that it is possible to “get out of the box” and think different than what is common or expected.

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