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Less Play and more Once upon a time … – The importance of reading in childhood

Taking advantage of the fact that October 29 was National Book Day , in today’s post we will talk about the importance of reading for the little ones!

With the arrival of everything from technology, ” Once upon a time ” is increasingly being exchanged for “Play”, rather, electronic games and equipment are replacing books in children’s play. Several studies have confirmed the consequences of overuse of electronic devices by children , and some experts warn that especially in early childhood (from 0 to 3 years) children should be kept away from such devices, the necessary learning for this range only Will be learned in conviviality with each other. (# This will be the subject of our next post).
So, how about you set aside some time for family reading? If the rush is great, a few minutes before bedtime will be of great value to the children and to you!

See how important reading is in childhood .

Several researches show that children who have the opportunity to hear a story told by their parents will easily learn, speak, recognize their emotions, and develop creativity, imagination, culture, knowledge and values! Yes, all this in simple stories. In addition to all these benefits for the little ones, you will be close, involved in a joint and enjoyable activity, thus helping to build the family bond. Have you noticed how they get when they’re listening to stories? The expressions of fear, surprise, joy and admiration are stamped, this makes it easy for children to learn their emotions and to recognize them. It’s worth the little stop in the middle of the story to involve children with questions like “How is she feeling? Let’s see the picture “or” What will happen now? “. Is he very agitated and can not slowly relax for the hour of the dream? The stories help awaken hormones of pleasure and relaxation, almost like a meditation.

It is worth careful of the choice of the book, choosing a suitable subject for his age is fundamental for there to be interest, you can select some options and then encourage him to make the choice. You can switch between the adult telling the story and another time the child from the illustrations (if you are not already literate) telling the story. Puppets, drawings, dolls, different voices are always welcome to accompany the stories too!
If in doubt, classic tales are always great choices! These bring situations problems in which the child may already have lived or will still live, with this occurs the stimulation of repertoire of adaptive solutions of conflicts.

We take advantage of today’s post, to share a super cool idea of reading incentive, the money is short to buy books for the little ones? Be part of the ” Read for a Child ” project, in it you can request free books from the collection and they are delivered to you at home. Just go to  . Whoever comes with us in this project ” Less Play and more Once upon a time … “, share with us your reading moments, we will love it!

“The fairy tales have changed because we have changed, they have been with us for centuries, they change their clothes with each new generation, and they do not seem to show signs of weariness” (Corso & Corso)

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