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Do you really know your child’s school?

Do you think you really know your child’s school, or do you know what they brought you? On Friday of last week I received a delightful invitation from the space of Humanized Birth Art in Campinas, to talk about pedagogical lines and their impact on children’s lives. After the delicious conversation, I returned home and decided to return to a text I had written a couple of months ago and that had been kept from pure frustration.

The theme touches deeply on some of the experiences I had within the various schools in which I passed. I have to begin by sharing with you, parents who educate, that my intention for the beginning of this enrollment period was to map all the schools in the Campinas region to present them , with truthfulness, their pedagogical lines, their teaching systems, their fundamentals, their Values, practices, contracted professionals, structures and so on.

I got ready. I made a list of all the items that I considered important, as evidenced by my experience, and went to these schools . Some in person, others by email. Of course I already had a repertoire of schools I knew, I could talk about the ones I worked on. But I wanted more, did not want four or five options. I wanted to understand and to know, to integrate myself with all possibilities.

I did not seek a perfect school, they do not exist . He did not want scheduled visits conducted by well-trained attendants. I wanted to SEE the schools , I wanted to know their dynamics, how the students related to the teachers, how the teachers treated the students, how they worked the contents, what was the environment for the child. Only then could I trust the information I would give you.

I wanted to tell you how your son’s school is, from the inside . Or more to: Tell which school is best for your child’s and family’s profile (this is part of my guidance work).

The School, as well as the restaurant kitchens, should be open to escorted – not guided – visits as they are teaching spaces!

I wanted to be like that restaurant critic who can taste a little of everything and tell people what they felt , what they perceived, their ratings and what mistakes and hits “from that plate”.

Sorry for the metaphor with the restaurant, but it was the best I found.


 I nocence

Of course I have not found as many doors open as I would like . When I tell an advisor / principal / owner that I am about to enter his “school” to know the work they do there and share it with their parents, their eyes widen and look at me as if I have offended them.

” A pedagogue, inside the school, seeing what types of parents I attend, what profiles do I attend and how does my school work? Not really, “they tell me in the silence of their eyes .

But I did not give up. Every door that closes, for me, is a fear that needs to be discovered and worked within itself .

I keep insisting with the question: How is your school? Do you show me how you present the world to your children? We are talking about Education, not money! We are talking about values, structures, conditions of full development of our children and not of acquiring customers.

And you, who are reading, show me your school? Get in touch with me, how about chatting!

Soon, Parents who Educate, I’m sure I’ll be able to tell you more.