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10 tips to help children take better advantage of their studies

Playing with old classmates, making new friends and getting along well with teachers are common behaviors of most children in school r. This phase can also be used to create a routine of study of the children and help them to organize, aiming at a better learning . Educator Francisca Paris, teacher in Education and director of educational services at Editora Saraiva, teaches 10 tips to put this into practice.

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How to create a home study routine?

Establish clear rules

“It is necessary to teach the children to live each moment intensely, making them understand that life is made up of cycles in which one studies and then rests. With the return to school, they must know that the spirit of vacation is over,” Says.


Create a schedule with activities and times

“When you have an organization and you know the right day to deliver each assignment, the student works in the right order according to the dates. He also avoids ceasing to complete the activities and forgets the materials for the next day’s class. Should be tidied the day before, not five minutes away from home. ”

Correctly observe schedules

“The child has to be in school at least 10 minutes before the start of the class, and those who arrive late lose important parts, such as the initial explanation of what the day’s activity will be and what materials will be used. Nothing, but it makes it get messy, “he says.

Have multiple reference materials

“Ctrl C + Ctrl V ‘is the first search, but then you need to look at that content And write about it in his own words, “he says.


Study daily

“Leaving to study on the eve of a test is terrible, because it is only memory and you do not really learn. Studying daily is ideal, because you learn a little each day.”

Always question

” School is the place to ask, so we have to strengthen the ‘Do not understand? Ask!’ There is no question, stupid, the student can ask anything,” he says.

Maintaining a proper place for the study s

“Today’s children and young people are able to do many activities at the same time, but studying requires concentration and dedication. The body has to stop! This place does not have to be luxurious, just have a chair and a table for him and a reserved time for the study ., undisturbed is important in the habit of taking the time for this – half an hour a day, for example – without sacrifices, because leaving to get it in adolescence is much more painful, “he explains.


Obtain student progression

“The goal of the school is to learn, to grow in relation to itself, without comparisons with the rest of the class.” Every child is unique, as is their development. The school has to be meaningful and not utilitarian, since it serves us Teach what mankind has built, “he says.

Leaving children with free time

“Children can not be subjected to a rigid routine.Fathers pass their anxiety to them and there are cases of hypertensive and stressed small ones because they are overloaded with the agenda.It does not have to be 8 or 80, but stop with this obsessive idea of preparation And recover the play. Unfortunately many children only know the world through television and the internet, “he warns.

Strengthen relationships with children

“Parents should ask them how the day was, what was good and what was not clear in what they learned, as well as participate in the school activities, and even if they can not help them, they will be part of their lives. Even for small signs of bullying, that children and adolescents often do not speak spontaneously, but end up revealing them when questioned, “he says.