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10 jokes to do with rope

10 jokes to do with rope

Today I’m going to do another inspirational post for the weekend showing the many ways to play with the same toy. I’ve already talked about dolls and strollers and now I show 10 suggestions for playing with rope.

1. Jump rope

The first tip is the most basic: jump rope in the traditional way. Patcamargo made a great post with the benefits of skipping rope for the kids and where she teaches even the thrashing when it comes to playing. Check out the text Jumping rope to strengthen the bond with your children .

Jump rope to reinforce the story with your kids_10.41.58-1_Sofia jumping rope

2. Clock

A child is in the center of the wheel with the rope and the other participants in the game are around, forming a circle. Anyone in the middle turns the rope closely to the ground and the others need to jump the rope without letting it rest on the leg or feet.

One more joke with rope - reloginho - assembly sofia rotating the rope

3. Lacing the calf

This is a cowboy game that the sons of Patcamargo invented. The catcher uses the rope to “lace” the other participants from the pike. It gets even more fun if the adults come in too.

Strength and agility in a cowboy game - sofia running behind henrique

4. Balance

This valley for children from 2 to 3 years: play balance . The challenge is to put one foot in front of the other without falling. If it’s easy, try playing the game by walking on your back.

Let's play balance - gabi coming back on the balance rope

5. War Cape

This is another classic rope joke. If you do not know, it is the activity in which the participants (minimum of 2) are divided into teams and each one takes one end of the rope. On the floor is made a mark that identifies the middle of the rope. The team wins if it can pull the other until it crosses the marking on the ground. I discovered, the other day, that even gives different age brothers play together!

10 ways to play rope skipping - tug of war

6. Warhead in the highest

Now, if you’re with older kids and you want to give them a boost in the challenge, you can put them on some platform where they need to pull the opponent without falling, like in the article photo . Test first not to let the children climb into something that turns easily (because it gets dangerous there).

10 ways to play with rope - tug of war at heights

7. To give us

For those of you who, like me, grew up finding the most books like the Disney Scout Manual, this activity is perfect to fill a day of vacation: learning how to knot. In this post from you learn 10 different types of knots.

10 ways to play with rope - give us

8. “Paste” of toilet paper roll

I put “paste” in quotation marks because no one will, in fact, leave with a necklace that not even the one in the Imagination Tree (below) in the neck. But there’s no denying that it was a great idea to use rope and roll of toilet paper to do a fine motor coordination activity of the little ones.

10 ways to play with rope - roll paper necklace

9. Pulley System

Use the rope to do an experiment with the children. For example, how to create a pulley system that helps lift heavy objects like the gallon of milk from’s photo .

10 Ways to Play with Rope - Pulley System

10. Rope Obstacles

And if you have a bit of rope and a yard, you can make a circuit of obstacles, not even that of , for the children to play jump and pass over or under.

10 ways to play with rope - circuit

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