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I love what I do, teach. I confess that this was not always my choice, but the ways of life ended up putting me in this area. I do not see myself doing anything else these days.

During this teaching time I ended up with a problem that left me very frustrated. The vast majority of people do not know how to learn.

That’s right …

During my classes, it was common for my students to tell me, ” Teacher, you gave the class yesterday, but today I do not remember anything else ” or ” I read the book, but I could not concentrate ” (Imagine how annoying this made me (I.e.)

I realized that my students were doing it wrong. No matter how much I explained or made clear the content, if they did not use the correct techniques they would not learn.

To solve this problem I decided to study the correct ways to learn, it was then that I came across the neuroscience of learning.

Neuroscience is nothing more than the science that studies the brain, not to become a neurosurgeon, but to learn the ways the brain reacts biochemically in our interactions with society and the environment in which we live.

The area that I dedicate is the Neuroscience of Learning. I discovered the best forms of concentration in studies, memorization in studies, quick reading, etc. 

Here in the blog you will find several tips on various topics on education, as well as the most varied tips for you to do well in studies, as well as tips for those who have children at home and have difficulty in educating you, news about what is going on In the world of education and more.