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The best games to do in the house

This week of retrospective, today is the day we talk about the best games to do indoors . If it’s raining, it’s cold, or you just can not go outside, no one needs to be sad, sulky or – worse – so bored as to start mischief.
Here, then, is a compilation of the best games to do indoors in 2015.

With babies

Baby Play - Gabi Taking the Ball

1. Play with balls and shapes of cup cake

2.Background with paper towel roll

Baby play pompom in the tube-putting the pompom

3.Balls with balls and boxes

4.With cotton and a pot

5. Homemade toy to stimulate coordination

6. Play with household materials

The best games to do indoors - baby assembly

With small children

Boy play for boys and girls for girls - painting on glass copy

1. Development competition

2.10 activities of 10 minutes

The best games to play in the house - jokes 10 minutes

3. Bedtime activities

4. Hit the target with crepe tape

5. Hit the piggy bank

6. Playing with flashlight


With large children

How to make a playing balloon

1. Board games for the family

2.Night of family games

3. Ten different ways to play drawing

How to make drawing activity more fun - opossum in the circus

4. Create comics

5. Shadow Theater

6. Wireless design

The best games to play in the house - play

Way to vacation

In these three posts I gave several tips of games that we can do at home with the children and that leave a vacation climate. After all, we can not always travel all the time, can we?

1. 3 Tips for Going on Vacation Without Leaving Home

2. Four more tips for going on vacation at home


3. Vacation at home with children

Vacation in house with taste of trip - playing with sock

By the way, have you seen our e-book on vacation ? There is a ready calendar with suggestions for jokes for the 31 days of January, divided by age. There are more than 204 games and 40 activities to do during the trips. But these extras are only for those who buy the e-book until December 31!

Ebook Cover Time Together on Vacation

I wish a turn of 2015 to 2016 full of hope, friendships and the will to do even better! See you next year!