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Opinion : Education and family

We dream of a Brazil developed a strong and sustainable economy, every Brazil eiro can with his work have your house, feed your family, have good school public for their children, health care quality , safety and transportation.

This dream will be possible with government planning and broad participation of society in the medium and long term. A country is made with the quality of its men. Here we approach two fundamental pillars for the construction of this quality : family and School . We see in Brazil a critical situation, the family goes bad and Public School Education for years is considered one of the worst in the world.

It is in Family Education that the quality of men begins , from the basic conditions of survival to the moral values and principles that will guide the lives of future citizens. Families are largely lacking the participation of the father and, often, of the mother. In these cases, where will the much needed and indispensable Family Education come from ?

All this is very clear in our eyes, and no one, except for a few churches, discusses the problem! Situation aggravated by the lack of minimum conditions and worthy of housing. Issues that also heavily affect security situations. What quality of citizen are we building?

The School is the other pillar where the basis of knowledge is built. We see a School of the worst quality , with poorly prepared Teachers, poorly paid, constrained by the misbehavior of their Students, getting to be beaten morally and even physically. How to think of motivation so that they can surrender to their maximum? This, not to mention the inadequate method of education in desaparelhamento and minimum conditions of operation of these establishments School res mostly.

In our companies, by receiving young people for the beginning of their professional career, we can measure their deficiencies of knowledge that the School should have provided them. In interviewing them, we mostly perceive the emptiness in their Family Education , the lack of moral, civic and spiritual values and principles, the lack of preparation for life. They are young people who are not structured and able to receive the training and the necessary learning for the performance of their professional duties and responsibilities.

The quality of business is also in the quality of its people, its values and principles, which in the early stages of life only the family can provide. Companies also need basic knowledge,

Research shows that individuals, for the most part, after finishing high school, can barely understand what they read. Without this base, this young man can hardly absorb the training. As a result, its contribution to the development and growth of the institution is compromised. This low quality of those results in companies without capacity for growth and development, which sharply reduces the competitiveness of services and products Brazileiros.

It is necessary for society and governments to open this debate, identifying the main causes of the dismemberment of families, and how to combat them. Define where to begin a definitive reformulation for Education in public school .

By improving the quality of people, we will have a quality country where everyone can have a prosperous and sustainable life. It is the virtuous cycle.