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How to entertain children while you work

Those who work at home, like me, know that it is a huge challenge to reconcile the demand of children with the need to work. Patcamargo has already made a post with activity tips to do when kids go to the office with you  , but at home it’s different. I’ve been reconciling motherhood with home office for 3 years now, and I can give you some activity tips to do when the child insists on being around. Bora see how distract the kids while you work ?

Rules need to be in place to get work from home

I said “when the child insists” because the first thing we need to establish to work well at home are some rules of coexistence. Including establishing a home location and a schedule to work and make the child abide by these combined. When I close the door to my office, the girls know it’s not to bother.

Logical that the conditions of my house help me in the challenge of the home office. I do not just have an office as I have a super nanny, Eliane, and this makes the job immensely easier. But Patcamargo has always chosen not to have help at home and yet she can produce.

In her case, the working time coincides with the school hour and the nap time. When the children began not to want to sleep more in the afternoon, ideas of activities began to appear for the children to do alone in the moment of rest. There are examples of these activities in the videos below:

But let’s agree that no matter how much you have rules, there are times when children insist on being on your side. If you can stop working a little at this time, the better. If not, let’s kid ourselves.

My first tip is to assume that your work is part of the daily life of the house and encourage the play of pretend, in which the child usually wont imitate what the adult does, since these are their world references.

Here at home, Gabi had her toy computer and her “cell phone”. Hence to play work is a leap!

How to distract children while you work - pat and gabi working

For the “surrender” play I’m going to speak the names of people she needs to call while she works. And from there, linking and chatting about lying with Grandma, giving and etc, I can answer emails or do activities that do not require much concentration.

Another tip is to create a task that the child needs to perform while you work. For example, glue adhesives .

How to distract the children while you work - gabi with many stickers in the hand

Notice Gabi’s hand. See her full of stickers?

How to distract children while you work - gabi with many stickers on the hand 2

It was a strategy I used to make fun of the joke. In that case, she had to think about the colors she was going to choose to glue and also the order in which the stickers were to stick. All this helps to work with concentration, focus, problem-solving ability …

How to distract children while you work - gabi with stickers

Works great. Just like setting up a little corner of your workstation, setting up a reading moment for this moment, or thinking of more elaborate games like the play of Mommy’s eye , things Patcamargo invents to get the job done and the three children.

I hope these jokes help you in your day to day life with your children. And if you like it and do not want to miss any news,  be part of our newsletter group . It’s free and you receive our updates weekly in your email.