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Home education , education in school , let’s face it!

Home education , education in school , let’s face it!

The school’s mission is to prepare citizens who are well adapted to the world in which they live. In addition to teaching socially constructed knowledge, you need to prepare children for healthy living with their peers. This task can become light and have a very positive outcome if these commitments are in line with the expectations that families have about their children’s education.

There is much talk in partnership between the family and the school, but this subject is very delicate and involves more than desires, it involves convictions. For the family and school meeting to be truly genuine and true, it is essential that there be harmony between the principles and values of both parties. If there is harmony, it establishes the favorable environment in which the delivery to learning happens as a true miracle of human nature.

Trust is the foundation of everything, hence the importance of having consistency between what the family wants for their children and what the school can offer its students. When the child perceives in the school’s action the continuity of the education he receives from the parents, it is much easier to become a good student.

Because it is an environment in which many people live, the school needs several rules to organize its spaces and the actions taken in these spaces. Being respectful of people and obeying the rules is difficult for a child if there is no such charge in the family environment. In many cases, this fact damages their pedagogical development. School is a place of conviviality, of routine, of observance of schedules, of games and, also, of a lot of work. When the child does not have the experience of these limiters in the family environment, it conflicts, is confused, because the school becomes a place of impositions and not a space of creativity, pleasure and fulfillment. The energy she could be driving towards her learning is exhausted in her struggle against limits.

We want our little children to have a quality education and to develop their potential. We can collaborate by giving them, at home, the possibility to express their feelings and talk about them, develop respect for others and themselves, and understand the need for rules for the proper functioning of all things.

At the Pentagon College, from the early grades, children are encouraged to take responsibility for their lives and resolve their conflicts so that they may perceive themselves as important and active in the environment in which they live. After all, the feeling of belonging is good for everyone, including us veterans on the journey of life!

Heloísa Porto Alegre
Educational Advisor of Pentagon College