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Education starts at home

Education is a recurring theme everywhere. What is the role of the school? What is the role of parents? Often, these roles are mistakenly mixed up and young people see themselves without a frame of reference. What we have seen in the last decade is a complete lack of control and limits, which gives young people a power and a sense of frightening impunity.

The school has always had the role of teaching – reading, writing, interpreting, adding, finally, the basic education that drives the young person to university and professional life, with the minimum of intellectual independence. Many schools are going beyond, and they talk about ethics, philosophy, entrepreneurship. These bases are very important to help you think and position yourself before the world. However, without the role of parents at this stage, development can be lost and become superficial.

After hearing many stories of parents and teachers, we realize how the lack of attention and family firmness can be harmful to a teenager. For example, it is common for parents of elementary school children to produce school work for their children. As if that were not enough, there is still competition among mothers to see who did the job better!

Recently, I read on facebook the case of a mother attending a group on whatsapp with other mothers of the school. She learned that her daughter had lost a school job and ran to ask for a copy of the group. It was then that she realized that she was becoming a “personal assistant” to her daughter and that this was not her job, but that of her daughter!

In this case, the mother was aware of what she was doing and went back, but this does not always happen. Parents insist on pushing the behavioral and educational mission to the educational institution, getting rid of responsibility. But when the school is firm with the student and the punisher, the parents intercede and sometimes even take their children away in retaliation.

I’ve heard the most absurd requests from parents. The neglect and permissiveness is so great that it is not uncommon to see young people beating and insulting teachers, or having some sort of dubious behavior generated by the guarantee of impunity. It seems exaggerated, but we live in a world where many parents leave their children to their fate, waiting for the “other” to play their part. And when they touch the damage they’re doing, it’s too late.

Schools, on the other hand, sin to make education a currency of exchange, a trade where the customer is always right. Many have loosened rigidity so as not to lose students (customers) and meet the most absurd demands!

That is why we need to reflect. Unfortunately, we can not change the minds of these absent parents, who only look at their navel. However, we must be attentive to the education we give, the behavior of our children and not let them get lost in the middle of the road. Already the school has to maintain its principles and rigidity to make the student a reason of pride in the future, to leave it prepared for the professional and intellectual life. That is a differential that attracts “customers”. And we, as parents, have to demand this from school. It’s not because it’s happening to the other’s child that I do not have to worry about. Yes I have! Living in society is that. Everything affects everyone. If we thought so, we would not have the politics and violence that we have today. #icaadica