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Why starting a college in the second semester is a good idea

Why starting a college in the second semester is a good idea

Some people believe that to start school  you have to do this at the beginning of the year. However, you do not have to wait until January to invest in your education! Starting a college in the second semester brings several advantages and may be a good idea .

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Did you know that some colleges do not require entrance exams to start in the middle of the year? Many have their own tests, but there are institutions that allow you to use your grade in the National High School Exam (Enem) as a selection process. That is, it is possible that you do not even need to make a new evaluation to get the vacancy.

The advantages start in the economy. In general, universities offer grants and discounts for mid-year placements. This is because the demand is lower and, in order to attract them, they are looking for ways to make the entrance of students possible. This, by the way, is the best time to negotiate installments and values in general. The chances of the institution to flex the value are much greater.

It is not always the will of the student to leave high school and immediately enter a college. However, the possibility of waiting a year to start a course may also not be your desire. That’s where the possibility of college comes in the second semester . You can use this time to better prepare yourself and evaluate if  the course chosen is really the one you want.

If your concern is to get into a place with the groups already defined, stay calm! In general, in mid-year college entrance exams the profiles are even more mixed and many people tend to use them as a “bridge” to other courses. That is, your room has chances to change a lot and you will be able to meet completely different people.

Academically speaking, there are no differences. In addition, some new courses are opened just in the second semester . So you have the opportunity to have experiences and learnings that were not planned. Want more advantage than that?

There is no “right time” to start a degree. Go according to your time and your possibilities. Much more important than when is how you will develop this learning and your dedication to it.