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Studying or Buying a Bicycle?

I did not have time to study …

I lost count of how many times I heard this from students. Funny that most people who say this have time yes, but end up dedicating it to other not-so-important activities and leave the study last.

Do you also think you do not have time to study? Do you start studying for a few days and then go weeks without studying? So read through all this text I’m sure it will help you understand better because studying should be your priority and in the end I will pass 4 tips to get to study every day.

So come on …

Why do not you have time to study?

” Most of us spend a lot of time doing what’s urgent and we end up not having enough time to do what’s really important.”

Stphen R. Covey

Imagine the following …

Monday morning, you call your boss and say, “Boss is next, I will not have time to work today, but I promise I’ll go tomorrow, okay?” The situation is so unusual that I can not even imagine his reaction , But anyway I believe you would not do that. And you would not do it because working for you is a priority.

Let’s focus a little attention on the word. According to the Michaellis dictionary priority means :

” Sf (lat med prioritate) 1 Quality or state of first; Time. 2 Precedence in time or place; Primacy, preference. 3 Right to speak first or to be attended first. “

I believe that for you your work comes first, and for various reasons, after all it is his sustenance, through him that you get money to do the things you want. No problem is your work being your priority, the problem is precisely when you turn things that are not important into priority.


See this example …

Carla just got home from work, it’s 6:00, so she decides to go to the gym. When he gets home at 7:30 p.m. he takes a shower, dines and watches a little television. At 8:30 pm Carla decides to study a little and at 9:00 pm she is already exhausted (she could hardly study for 30 minutes!), She can not concentrate on the studies after all, the day was full. Stress at work, fatigue at the gym and even dinner left her a little soft . Carla gives up studying and decides to sleep, but she only sleeps at 11 o’clock, because at bedtime she started talking to a friend about whatssapp.

I have just given you a classic example of how most students act in their routines. Can you see in this example what are Carla’s priorities? No? I’ll list them for you.

1st – Academy

2 ° – Whatsapp

3 ° – Studying

Did you realize that the first thing Carla did when she got home was to go to the Academy? And soon after she arrived she was tired to study, but she still spent more time on whatssapp than studying?

That’s just what I want to show you, time is the same for all the difference is just how you use it.

I want to make it clear that there is no problem in you or anyone to have priority to go to the Academy, the only problem is to complain that there is no time to study, because most of the time the problem is of setting priorities.

Studying should be your priority


” There’s never enough time to do everything, but there’s always enough time to do the most important things.”

Bryan Tracy

If you really want to pass a quiz or contest, studying should be your priority.

And when I write priority means that studying should be the first thing you do. Of course if you work first you need to go to work, but as soon as you get home you should study.

Most people can not learn effectively or develop the habit of studying because studying for them is not a priority. You just see in the example above how most students, concurrents or academics do.

What I am always writing on the website and speaking in the videos is the importance of studying every day. This should be your main goal, to study every day. As long as you can not do this you will be wasting time studying wrong.

A simple way for you to set your priorities is by asking yourself a question:

“Where do I want to be in 5 years?”

If your answer is something like:

* “I want to be a civil servant”

* “Want to be a college graduate”

It means that for you to get where you want, you need to study and you need to study every day.

Now look at your routine, if you keep doing the same things you are doing nowadays, where will you be 5 years from now? Can you complete the goal you want?

Okay, I know that stress and routine often hurt your studies and even make you feel discouraged, so I’ve prepared 4 simple tips that will help you set study as a priority so that you can study every day.

4 Tips to make study your priority and study every day.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time we are given.”

– Gandalf, in The Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkien

These tips that I will go through now will help focus on your priority that you study. Also, they are great for you to deal with the various distractions that may appear to get you out of the way of studies.

1 – Focus on your goals and study goals

Have goals and goals. Find out where you want to go so you can focus on your priorities. If you do not have your study goals set you have not yet set your priorities.

Once you have set those goals and goals, you should focus on them. An important tip is always to read your goals in the morning. This way, you will always be aware of your priority in studying.

2 – Have an organized study routine

Having an organized study routine will also help you set your priorities. A routine favors your habit and prevents you from getting lost in defining what is important.

If you already have an organized study routine, look at it and make sure you’re really prioritizing your studies. You can look for sweat routine and realize that you put up studying after a not so important activity.

Learn to identify your priority and put it first.

3 – Develop the study habit


Developing a study habit is a great way to facilitate your daily study. It is often difficult for you to study at certain times because you still do not have the habit.

If you create the habit of always studying at a certain time before other activities in a short time you will have a routine that favors your learning and sets you towards your goals.

At first developing this habit takes effort, but if you persist, you will soon be able to study every day.

4 – Learn to say no!

You have to learn to say no to people, after all they must understand that their priorities are not YOUR priority.

If you are married, I recommend that you tell your spouse about your study hours, make it clear that at certain times you will be studying, so you can not leave or pay attention.

Be firm.

If you keep this habit gradually the people who live with you will come to understand that you are studying. This also applies if you live with your parents.

If your parents or spouse asks for your help for any assignment while you are studying say no. Speak cordially something like:

“So-and-so (Name of person), now I’m studying let me finish the study and I’ll gladly help you”

Concluding …

I think by the end of this article you already have the answer to the title question …

” Studying or buying a bike? “

Setting priorities is just that, knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Once you are clear about your goals, focus on them so you can make study your top priority.

Avoid wasting time on non-priority activities. Know that the more you dedicate yourself today, studying everyday, will soon be where you want, whether as a civil servant, a college graduate in your dreams, or approved of the test you are studying.

What to do now? Putting it into practice …

1 – If you already have your goals and goals set, look at your routine and put the studies as a priority for activities that are not important.

2 – Develop the habit of studying before all other activities, do this for 30 days.

Is that you? What is your priority? Leave a comment telling about your priorities and where you want to be in 5 years! Your participation matters!

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Until next time, hugs!