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The Brazil School Team gives great value to the content published so that you, student, can have access to quality material that helps you in school work. However, we are also aware of how you are using our articles and want the study yield to be as good as possible.
In this section you will have access to great tips on how to study, how to read well, how to produce a good job, how to educate memory and how to make good summaries. The most important thing is to know that you need to study every day and that by following this advice you will realize that you do not have to sacrifice weekends, let alone holidays.

Sleeping at least eight hours every day (uninterrupted, okay? No sleep at all 3 pm, other two at night …) and establish concentration techniques to study are good ways to keep up with the content taught by teachers.

And, finally, maintaining a healthy life is essential not only to be able to study, but also to have an excellent quality of life. Practicing exercises, going out with friends, Travel on vacation and get away from all the addictions – including coffee – are good ways to keep your mind open to all the “batida” that comes there with the college entrance exam.

And now be sure to read all of these more in-depth tips in the links below! Good studies!

By Marla Rodrigues
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