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More Tips on Improving Your Memory and Reasoning

You have already learned in the previous post some techniques to improve your memory and to better store the content learned in the classroom. In the previous post, we talked about how important it is to stimulate curiosity by researching new subjects, trying different things outside of what you are used to, and having a good night’s sleep. We have also seen that reading can stimulate creativity and mathematics is capable of broadening your thinking.

Now let’s look at other ways you can, in a simple way, exercise and expand your cognitive ability and keep your memory sharp. The tips are from the neurologist at Hospital do Coração, Mauro Atra. Look:

Practice exercises

In addition to the many benefits of exercising, both for the body and for well being, physical activity increases brain capacity. It activates reflexes and blood circulation. So take some time out of your week to let laziness aside and do some exercise. If the weather is short, you can change the exits of car, bus or subway, for example, for a walk or for a bike ride!

Try to use both hands and both feet

Yes, we know that it is very difficult for people who are left-handed or right-handed to write with the other hand. You probably should be thinking how much your handwriting comes out when you try to do it with the less-used hand, but know that exercising that limb is very important to stimulate both sides of the brain, rather than just the one, the most common. Whenever possible try to do something with your hand or foot that you use less, whether playing football and kicking the ball with your foot off, or putting on your other hand.

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Have a healthy diet

Eating well and with quality is also essential for the health of the body and the brain. It’s okay that with the rush of everyday life, it’s sometimes hard to be healthy all the time. But when you go to a self service or you can make your own food, always prioritize a colorful dish with a wide variety of foods. Invest in balanced meals with vegetables, fresh fruits, fish and other omega-3 foods.

Memorize information

Have you noticed that since the landlines stopped being so used we started to leave aside the idea of recording the numbers that we dialed the most? Yeah. With mobile phone calendars, having the information at hand is easier. But memory exercises, such as recording street names, decorating the terms learned in the classroom, or even remembering the numbers you turn on most often make your brain work. You do not need to record the first fifteen digits of the face-first pic, only to know that it equals 3.14 is fine. Start with simple exercises by memorizing information that is important in your routine.

Be positive

Se você é mestre do pessimismo e não costuma enxergar as situações de forma esperançosa, saiba que isso não faz nada bem para o funcionamento do cérebro. O estresse e a ansiedade prejudicam nossa capacidade de raciocínio, nos impedindo de pensar de forma clara e objetiva. Procure sempre manter a calma e evitar a tensão. Quem sabe o problema não será resolvido da melhor maneira possível? Seu cérebro agradece!