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How Your Habit and Your Routine Harm Your Studies

You have always read and heard that having a study habit or developing a quality study routine is very important. I always write about it here on the site. But what you did not know is that both routine and habit can get in your way too.

In today’s article I want to show you something that may be influencing the quality of your study hours for worse without you noticing.

In the end I want to pass on several tips for you to solve these problems . So you can get better results in your studies and learn effectively.

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The 2 limiters of your daily study hours.

Many students and contestants come in contact with me mentioned the fact that they can not study for long. Some even wonder if there is a time limit to study each day.

To clarify this question once and for all, there is no daily time limit for studying and learning .

What will limit your daily study time will be two factors that have great impact on the quality of your studies:

  1. Your daily life routine.
  2. Your study habit.

Let’s look at each of the two so you understand how the two limit your study time daily.

1 – How your life routine influences your study hours.


I know that at first this may seem strange and you may want to ask ” Prof. Piccini What does my routine have to do with study time? “But I will explain to you how it influences and VERY your study.

Imagine the following scenario, Amanda wakes up at 6 am, arrives at work at 8 o’clock where her boss asked her to provide a report on sales for the month, something that was for her to have delivered the day before.

Amanda goes from 8 to 10 trying to finish the report, until she gets the phone call from the bank saying that the portions of the car are late. During lunch Amanda thinking about the bills ended up dirtying her clothes with tomato sauce in the restaurant.

Upon returning home at 5:00 pm, after being called attention by the boss due to the delay, Amanda faces a traffic jam. One car collided with another and so she spent an extra hour in traffic.

When she arrives at Amanda’s house, she takes a shower, dines and at 19 she starts to study the 4 hours that she herself has established herself every day. Now I ask you,

 Will Amanda be able to study for the next four hours and still concentrate?

If Amanda has a very strong emotional intelligence she will be able to forget everything she has been through at work and in the routine. Turn it all off and start studying without any problems for the next 4 hours.

But both you and I know that it is rare for people to do such a thing.

You have just seen the routine of most students and contestants. This routine is stressful, when I refer to stress I do not just talk about anger, but the emotional load involved. Anguish, sadness and discouragement are part of a routine like this.

Hardly the brain of a stressed person will be able to focus much on the study. So the time limit for studying a person with a routine like this is much lower, because your brain is tired and just wants to be disconnected from everything.

People with Amanda-like routines spend hours in front of the computer or television, because the brain is looking for an escape, something that gives them pleasure after a lot of stress.

This does not mean that Amanda will not be able to study, at the end of this article I will pass some tips to study more time and with more quality, but before we will understand how the habit of studying also influences the hours of study daily.

2 – How your study habit influences your daily study hours.


I’m going to propose a challenge to you, make a 3-hour race on the street this weekend. Nonstop. Pretty much a marathon.

If you’re already a marathon runner, but assuming most people reading this article are not marathoners :), I believe the first reaction to a challenge like these would be:

” It’s crazy. Piccini? I can not run for 10 minutes or 3 hours “

That’s really funny. Most people recognize their physical limits, but are unable to recognize their intellectual limits.

Several students come to me saying, ” Professor, I can not even study 2 hours straight and I already feel sleepy, and it’s like my head does not understand anything .” I say, ” Okay, but you’ve been studying for a long time ” and people respond ” I started yesterday “.


I will write a sentence and hope that you meditate on this phrase constantly in your life.

“Nature does not jump” (Gotfried Wilhelm Leibniz)

Stop thinking that you will be able to study four hours followed with quality night proday, and it’s not because you’re looking for a book that you are studying.

Studying involves concentration, assimilation, and memorization. Looking at the letters means nothing. Therefore a quality study with concentration can only happen when you have built solid foundations with the habit of studying.

If you start small and dedicate every day, that one hour of studies will be transformed into 4 hours of study with quality and concentration. That’s why study habits influence the amount of your study hours.

Summing up…

As you can realize your hours of study are hampered by:

1 – Routine of stressful life

2 – Lack of study habit

If you put too much stress on your routine, your study hours will be influenced for less, especially if you are not in the habit of studying.

Now if you develop a strong study habit it is able to increase your hours of study, even with a routine equal to that of Amanda.

Always remember, the areas of the brain responsible for the study are strengthened as you use them, the more you devote yourself, the more hours of study you can get with quality.

3 tips to improve the quality of your study time

I will spend 3 some tips for you to increase your daily study time even in stressful circumstances. These are simple tips, but they will help you a lot.

Tip # 01: Relax to learn better.

Relax-to-studyIf your routine is like Amanda’s, I recommend that you first get married and relax and rest. No use trying to force, you will not be able to concentrate with a hectic mind.

Take a shower and instead of going to the front of the computer or television, lie down and put on a quiet song and stay in the dark relaxing room. If you want to put the alarm clock to wake you up after an hour of relaxation.

Once you’ve done that, you can go to school. You will notice how your mind will be lighter and ready to focus and learn effectively.

Do not worry, you will not be wasting time. On the contrary, you would be wasting more time studying with a full mind because you would not be learning anything.

Make a simple calculation. If you think you are wasting time taking 1 hour to relax, know that if you do not relax you will spend 4 hours in front of a book without learning anything.

But if you relax you will have 3 hours of quality study, learning and concentrating for real.

Tip # 02: Organize your life and study routine

Organization-studiesThe more controlled and organized your routine, the less stress you will have. Think of the following, instead of waking up stressed every morning, try to wake up sooner calmly.

Instead of running around running out of time all the time, keep a routine of doing things on time, this will avoid many emotional problems.

Having a quality living routine relieves stress and leaves you calmer to study and learn effectively. You get even better when you have a study routine where you have an ideal time to study every day.

By doing this you will notice that you are lighter, even some problems that may occur will not leave you so stressed.

Think of the following, if you have a certain routine and wake up happy, deliver everything on time, hardly a traffic jam will stress you and disrupt your studies at night.

Now if you wake up late, forget to turn in the report and still get a traffic jam, at the end of the day your stress will be so high that you will not be able to study for 10 minutes.

Tip # 03: Have a study habit.

Study habitsThis is the most important tip, as the habit of studying is the daily exercise you do to improve your learning and increase your knowledge.

The more your studying and learning habit is strong, the more you will be able to withstand the hassles of a stressful routine and learn no matter the circumstance.

If you still do not have a habit of study recommend that you read my article where I explain how to develop the habit of studies , even has a practical step by step for you to develop it in 90 days.

Now it’s up to you …

I hope that with this article you have realized how your routine and your habit disrupt your studies. But I also hope you do not just go into it.

Use the tips that were given to solve these problems. Only with your dedication can things improve, it’s no use searching for a magic formula, it takes daily dedication.