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How to Study at Home: 8 Essential Habits

How to Study at Home: 8 Essential Habits

Then you decide, it’s today! It separates the material, sits at the table and when you start to study everything happens. Your phone rings, someone calls you, you get sleepy, anyway, things you need to study at home.

For you to stop wasting time with distractions or doing activities that have nothing to do with studying, I’ll introduce you to 8 habits to study at home.

Each habit will help you develop a study routine that really works and you can learn to achieve the results you want.

Take a notepad to jot down habits and good reading!

Tip for you to take better advantage of this article.

I recommend that you make a plan to develop each habit of study individually. You can start with the first habit and try to follow it for 30 days, then go incorporating each new habit as soon as you complete the first one.

For example.

Start with the first habit and keep it for 30 days, at the end of 30 days if you realize that you were able to perform it correctly without failure it will already be strong enough for you to go into 2nd habit and so on.

If you start all the habits at once it is more likely that in the end you will not be able to control them and you will get lost, if this happens you will become frustrated and give up studying. I recommend that you progress gradually, habit by habit(I.e.

1st Habit – Always study in the same place as the house.


The first step to properly establishing your home study habits is to have a fixed location to study. This will help you to reinforce the study habit because whenever you get to your study site your brain will already be prepared to study.

I even have a separate home place to work, write my texts and study. When I sit there I feel more motivated to take action. This happens by reinforcing the habit of always doing the same activity in the same place.

Choose an ideal study location , make it your sacred sanctuary of studies.(I.e. This should be a place of study only, so avoid using it to access the internet and do other things that do not have to do with studies, use this place only for Studies will help to strengthen the habit of studying.

2nd Habit – Leave all your stuff organized at home.


Always leave your study materials organized . The organization prevents you from wasting time looking for materials or even organizing the place to study. It also relieves your mind of the stress of never knowing where things are.

Have a unique place for your books, pens and notebooks. At the end of your study session, return everything to your places. The same goes for your notes, do not throw everything anyway, otherwise you will never find that important note.

The habit of organizing your study materials will make you accelerate your learning and also prevent procrastination. Even when I was going to start studying if I did not find my books, I would soon give up, avoid this happening to you and make everything ready.

3rd Habit – Complete your study goals daily


Nothing worse than having a study schedule ready, but deep down you’ll never be able to complete it. You look at that schedule every day and feel a sense of failure and discouragement. That puts an end to your motivation to study.

As you advance by completing your study goals you are motivated to continue studying more and more. So, take the time to make a syllabus that fits your reality and then take action.

If you find that your curriculum is not working, make changes and avoid time, as this will only undermine your motivation. Remember that nothing happens overnight, you must always be improving your schedule of studies.

To develop a working syllabus I recommend that you read the two articles teaching how to develop a perfect syllabus .

4th Habit – Take breaks to rest between studies


There are two major problems when studying at home, either it is over-resting or it is lack of rest. Both are bad as they impair their learning. There needs to be balance for you to learn effectively.

You should be in the habit of taking a 10-minute break every 40 minutes, I know this may sound bad at first, but if you develop this habit you will see how your learning gets faster.

Ideally, you should take constant breaks so that your brain fixes the information better, forming more neural connections, helping to memorize what you are studying.

When pausing between studies avoid:

  • Internet Access: The internet is a powerful distraction and will make you spend more time on break than normal.
  • Watching TV: Television is also meant to catch you, so if you sit down a bit you are likely to spend hours in front of the television.

In the 5th Habit I explain better about distractions.

When pausing between studies, prefer:

  • Walk a little: Go to your porch or in front of your house. Reflect a little on what you have studied.
  • Go to the bathroom or drink some water: It is very important to be well hydrated to study with quality.

5th Habit – Stay away from the distractions you have at home


One of the main problems of studying at home is that our house was made for the rest (still good, right?) Then she full of distractions, in the room there is a television, video game, etc. In room internet and television, in the kitchen food and still have people who distract us.

That is.

You are in a real minefield of distractions. And the only way to stay away is through 1st Habit, having your place of study sacred. And above all, stay away from everything that distracts you.

You know that I am a teacher, and the terror of the teachers is the cell phone in the classroom, and do not come to me with this conversation of new ways of learning, in the current stage of our society teenagers (and many adults) can not study with a Cell phone on the side only serves to distract them.

So stop making excuses to leave the phone and the computer on the side. They will distract you because every time you used them was to distract you, that is, you have the habit of using the cell phone and the computer to forget the world.

But Prof. Piccini I only have the cell phone and the Computer to study how to do?

So in these cases you should use them off the internet. Turn off the wi-fi or the internet from your home. Hide the modem. If it is not possible to hide the modem by having more people in the house then uninstall the wifi or the network from your computer.

Do they look like radical measures? But they really are, only then will you avoid distracting yourself …

And before you think you have self-control and are able to study on your computer or cell phone without being distracted by the internet, I want you to remember how often the internet has already ruined your studies, I will let your own awareness remind you of it. (I.e.

Ah! Phone in airplane mode ok? And nothing ugly!

Understand one thing, the internet is meant to distract you, all the time there are windows, sounds and calls to catch your attention. The same goes for your cell phone, the more time you spend on social networks the better for the companies in these networks, so everything is done to hold your attention.

6th Habit – Talk to the people who live with you, and also those who do not live.

Talk with people live with you

When you are at home it is impossible for everyone to know if you are studying or watching a movie, so you need to keep in the habit of always telling people who live with you and those who do not.

I’ll explain better

First of all you need to have a conversation with everyone who lives with you explaining your decision to study and that at certain times of the day you will need privacy and silence . Explain that you need the collaboration of everyone and that if all goes well they will all win (Offer rewards: D)

It is important that you have a specific time of study, because the people of the house also want to have the time to speak loudly and listen to music, but that you already have to have defined in the 3rd habit. Then everyone will know the time of silence and also the free time.

Also tell the people that do not live with you that you will disappear a little and that at certain times they will not find you or on the cell phone (Will you leave in airplane mode remember?). Run a phone number where these people will only look for you in emergencies.

Once this first conversation is in the habit of always telling the people in your home about the study hours and they should not bother you, this is important because people always forget and end up calling you during a study session.

You will notice the following, which over time people end up getting into the rhythm. This will not change overnight, but you will soon realize that everyone will respect you and you will not even have to say anything, so it is important to develop this habit.

7th Habit – First your priorities


Imagine that you are at your job and receive a phone from someone in your home saying that you need to buy milk. What do you do?

  1. You quit your job and rush to buy milk.
  2. Warn the person that you are working and can not go buy now.

Well, I think you will choose option 2. You do it because the priority at that moment is your job because it depends on it for your livelihood and you can not quit it otherwise you will be punished by the boss.

But I often see several students dropping out because they need to mow the lawn or even buy milk. I know you will say:

“But I will not be punished for it, and at work I will “

You will not be punished now, but in a while when you do not pass your test or contest. Then you will see that all the time lost buying milk or cutting the grass caused you the punishment of disapproval.

“Does that mean I have to let my grass grow or run out of milk?”

Never, what I’m showing you here is just that there are priorities, and your priority is to study (Well, at least I think, otherwise you would not be reading this article) then you should put the study in the foreground.

Do the following.

Start studying and someone asks you to buy something or else you need to do some activity at home like throwing away the trash, explain the person you will do as soon as you finish studying.

If the person does not understand and wants you to do it now, then it means that you have not yet developed the 6th Habit correctly. Go back to 6th Habit and talk to people and explain their priorities.

8th Habit – Be motivated and disciplined to study at home.


As I mentioned above if you do not take care you can easily end up leaving to study. This happens because everything depends solely on you, there is no one on top charging, it’s just you and your conscience.

If you are not motivated enough you will eventually stop studying. A day without studying apart from hampering your performance is a step for you to give up once, so it is essential to have the habit of always being motivated.

In the article on motivation you have already learned how to stay motivated to studyand how to set your goals, now you just need to make that motivation a habit so you do not give up halfway.

Do the following.

All day in the morning review your motives and goals, be aware of your choice to study and why you are studying. Remember that this is your highest priority now and that you should devote yourself to achieving results. Make it a habit.

But there are days that motivation does not help, what do?

Hence discipline comes on the scene. Unlike motivation, the discipline is for you to do something you do not feel like doing because you know it is important and it will bring you rewards in the future.

So in these cases you should stop for a while, imagine where you want to go, visualize the results, what will it be like when you pass your test or contest? Then, after this exercise, take action, take a book, and start studying.

To help you, I recommend that you read the article as being disciplined.

Do your part!

I presented to you the 8 essential habits a student or fellow student needs to develop to study at home. These habits will help you avoid the basic problems that involve studying at home.

Reading this article was just the first step for you to study at home effectively. If you do not practice and develop each habit, you will continue to have problems and frustrate your studies.

So put into practice what you have learned here!

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