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9 tips to memorize faster

The ability to memorize is not the same for everyone, and some people have serious difficulties in doing so, because reading several texts and being able to remember all the details is difficult and not available to anyone. However, if you follow the right steps, this task may become less complicated.


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See 9 tips for faster memory:


1. Preparation
Before you begin to study what you have to memorize, you must prepare yourself beforehand. Be sure to choose the study location so that you can focus and pay attention.


2. Record what you memorize
Making a sound recording of what you have to memorize may be useful for you to retain information more easily, especially if you are talking about a lecture you attended, or a speech you will have to make. Read aloud the texts you have to memorize so you can listen to them later.


3. Annotate
To familiarize yourself with what you have to memorize, write down the information several times until the subject becomes clearer in your mind. A good alternative is also to make these notes while listening to your recordings.


4. Divide your notes
If your learning is more efficient by visual association, divide your notes by sections and separate the subjects by color. Try it, and you’ll see that this might be the ideal solution for you.


5. Repeat
While reading the text you have to memorize, try repeating the reading line by line until you can set the words. Take a test to see if the strategy works and try to remember what you read without looking at the pages.


6. Write what you remember
After doing this repetitive reading of the texts, write down everything you have stored in your memory. This will help you to reinforce what should be memorized.


7. Teach Someone
When memorizing much of the material, test and reinforce your knowledge bytrying to teach them to someone, or yourself.


8. Listen to your recordings
While you are doing other tasks, listen to your recordings. This will help you keep the information in your head and you will not have to dedicate so much time exclusively to this, paying attention to your other responsibilities.


9. Take breaks
Trying to memorize anything will not work if you do not take breaks to rest your head. Only then will you be able to assimilate matters clearly. Therefore, impose your own periods of rest.