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6 tips on how to get organized to study

Want to start studying, but do not know where to start? So you need to figure out how to get organized to study. With this infographic you will have 6 tips to organize yourself and improve your learning.

They are simple tips, but they provide an incredible result in their learning when used.

Soon after the infographic below I will explain better why these tips work and also teach you some ways to put them into practice. Enjoy reading(I.e.

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# 01 – Organize studies with a timeline


Many people have problems with routines or study schedules, but the most effective way to have a study routine is through a timeline. The study schedule is a way for you to visualize your week and also plan the best times to pursue your studies.

You can use a fixed schedule or a cycle of studies, whatever, but the most important thing is that you have this routine and keep it under control. This is the foundation of every organization.

A well-timed schedule relieves stress and decreases procrastination. All if you keep the routine running normally.

Putting it into practice.

Do your study schedule today and better organize your routine. If you still do not know how to make a schedule of studies access the 2 articles I wrote on the topic, I will leave part 1 here in:

How to Make a Perfect Curriculum (Part 1 of 2)

# 02 – Organize studies with daily goals

Study goals

Study goals are critical for you to keep your study routine on a daily basis. They are essential for you to realize that you are progressing and also a powerful stimulus for your motivation.

Researchers have discovered that when we are about to complete a goal our brain starts releasing dopamine, and as I wrote here on the site dopamine is a powerful neurotransmitter responsible for motivation while studying.

In addition, determining your goals helps you stay organized in your routine, because you establish what you study and when you study. Already the great Albert Einstein said:

“If you want to live a happy life, tie yourself to a goal, not to people or things.”

Putting into practice

Establish a study goal today. It’s simple, if you need to study a 100-page book, establish that today you will study 10 pages. At the end of 10 days you will have studied the whole book.

# 03 – An organized study site


A disorganized study site in addition to disrupting study productivity also causes many students and contestants to stop studying, increasing procrastination.

This is because the brain, when perceiving the difficulty of searching for materials or even organizing the table to study, will prefer to postpone studies and make another activity “easier”. Hence the importance of keeping the study site well organized.

Putting into practice

To organize your study site I recommend that you read the article I wrote about the topic and it will help you a lot:

How to prepare and organize your ideal study location

# 04 – Organized study contents


It’s no use having a well-timed schedule to have a fully organized place, but at the time of studying spend hours looking for content. Content needs to be organized in a way that you just feel and begin to study.

All the time is important for a student, so avoid wasting time looking for the content . Leave everything prepared as soon as possible for you to just study and focus.

Putting into practice

Separate the content that you will study in the week, leave everything previously organized and during your study routine just study. You can do this in your organization day which is in Tip 6 just below I will explain better.

# 05 – Organized Activities and Exercises


This is another very important tip to keep learning effective. Having your activities and exercises organized is very important. I have written several times here on the website about the importance of practice for you to learn faster.


To prevent you from studying without practicing you should have organized all the exercises and activities you will use to learn more and better. This keeps you from running out of practice and also helps you keep track of your performance.

Putting into practice

In Tip 5 you learned about the importance of keeping content organized to study. Along with organizing the content, take the time to organize the activities and exercises you should use in your study routine.

It does not need many activities, just enough for you to train what you have learned and also to check how your level of understanding is about the content you have learned.

# 06 – Study organization day


Few students have a day of study organization. Many think that setting up a study schedule will work very well and nothing will go wrong. The day of organization is precisely to maintain the organization.

Having a day dedicated to organizing your week is a way to keep your study routine always working. Besides being a great day to evaluate your learning.

Putting into practice

Choose a day of the week and every time on that day separate the time to organize your study week, that day you will define:

  1. What content will you study in the week
  2. Separate the activities and exercises that will be used in the week
  3. Set your week goals
  4. Check the performance of your studies
  5. Improve some aspect of your routine that is faulty

If you use your organization day correctly you will feel a significant increase in the quality of your studies. As well as an improvement in your concentration and memorization. For the organization relieves the mind to focus more on studies.

My last tip for you …

With all these tips your study routine will get much better and you will learn faster and more effectively. But now comes the most important:

Put into practice what you learned here today

If you do not practice this will be a lost knowledge, so do not wait until tomorrow to organize to study , start today and soon you will be closer to achieving your study goals.