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5 Tips for Making a Summary of Efficient Way

Making a summary is one of the most excellent techniques for memorizing content that will fall into the test. Many people take the book, summarize it, and study for evaluation in this way, usually taking good grades.

Experts say that through the method of creating a summary of the text to be studied, the student’s ability to memorize increases by 50%. And this is great, especially for those who have a public contest knocking on their door and there are a ton of texts to be studied.

So here you will learn how to do summaries in an efficient manner so as to achieve your goals.


Maybe, back in college, you were used to doing work without even reading the right content. Well, if some teachers took it light on you, it does not mean that examining boards will do the same, but they will not! Then, read the content .

Look, this is great for your pretensions and this we’ll talk about later. Reading the full text is a necessity that you can not turn your back on. For example, if, at the time of the proof, something that did not fall in your abstract is present, you will still have that information taken from the reading of the book in your mind. Just rummage through.

But then you can say: I’m already doing the summary because I can not memorize with ease ! So we respond: our mind acts in an associative way most of the time. From the moment you already have something easily memorized, connections to other components of the subject that have been stored in your mind can reach your consciousness faster. So remembering is not going to be that complicated.

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Reading once is not enough. This is because our mind will always let something pass. In the second reading you will notice things that had past hits the first time you ventured into that content.

But reading a second time just is not enough. You will have to do something else: make text markups . Go marking what is important, design ideas, make notes. This is going to be your outline of the summary. So, go highlighting everything that you think is important. Do not be afraid to be ticking too much, the selection process comes later.


It’s almost like a rundown. But what is really a file? Well, there are several types, but what we are going to stick to is the detailed template, in which you tab, that is, cut out the text excerpts that together synthesize what the author wanted to go through.

5 Tips for Making a Summary of Efficient Way

But apart from highlighting several excerpts , you will also comment on them , interlinking all the texts through your comments and with that you will create the structure of your abstract.

That, in our opinion, is one of the best ways to study content. He sticks in his mind.


It will be too quiet after everything you’ve ever done. Take your notes and your card and go and put it together, according to the order within the original text. Then go eliminate what is only taking up space or unsetting the rest.

When writing a resume always remember to speak in the third person, use quotation marks in quotes and put the page number. And also understand that it is not to copy the text, to reduce the number of words and to change some. You will get the central idea of what was said and explain it with your words in a quick and easy to understand .

Did not you comment on the file you made last time? Yeah, that’s basically what you’re going to do.


After you’ve finished your resume, which you probably did on your computer or notebook, take your notebook and go back to writing it all over again, only this time in the pen .

If making a resume increases your memorability by 50%, copying the resume to the paper increases further. Several public contenders say writing has helped them to fix and understand in a much more advanced way.

Now that you know the tips, do not waste any more time and memorize this subject in a much more systematized, efficient and organized way.

Good luck!