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5 Infallible Tips to Stay Motivated in Studies

You study, study and study, for hours on end, thinking about the Enem or the entrance exam you are going to give. The problems with that boring matter only increase. Beat that discouragement … But being unmotivated is normal. The difficulty of the college entrance examination, the weight of making the decision about the career that will study, the preoccupation with the cut marks: all this can greatly overburden the emotional of the student.


If you’re still unsure, we’ve prepared five surefire tips for you to stay motivated in school throughout the year. Look:

1. Think Less About Difficulties

Believe me, it’s no use getting nervous thinking about how much is still to be studied, and how little time you have to learn everything. Move away from negative thoughts: If you have accumulated yesterday’s past issues, try redoing your schedule to make up for lost time over the weekend. If you do not understand that topic of physics very well, stop torturing yourself by thinking that you will never be able to learn it: go to the teacher or ask questions immediately and solve the problem at once. Avoid getting annoyed with yourself if you make a mistake or are unable to complete your study routine one day. No noia

2. Make a list of what you learned in the day

Recognizing the progress you’ve been making can be a good strategy for times when you feel unmotivated. At the end of each day, take a piece of paper and list what you have studied and what you have learned in each discipline. So you can keep track of the work you’ve been doing and every step you take, no matter how small. It’s time to congratulate yourself for your effort, do not you think? (I.e.

3. Recognize small wins

This step is very related to the previous one. To be happy with every little victory you achieve, throughout all the extensive preparation for the college entrance examination, is one of the keys to understanding that your goal can be achieved, and to give you a fuller dimension of what you have already done (and What remains to be done). So, write down every victory you get in the battle against the exam. Here’s a list of examples:

– Have you finished one or more books on the list of required works?
“Did you redo one of Enem’s tests of previous years within the given time of four and a half hours?”
– Have you managed to solve the entire list of exercises in a given subject?
“Did you manage to master any of the topics in that discipline?”


Do it like Rocky! You’re a winner! (I.e.

4. Take care of the basics

Basic lesson for the vestibulando: tired body can not learn anything. Spend the night studying (and sleeping badly), stop eating right or do nothing but study: all this may be what is “ending” with you and with your disposition. If you do not mind, it is not surprising that you feel unmotivated. Before thinking about the college entrance exam and the course you want to take, think first of yourself. No need to be shy, okay?

5. Stay focused on what your goal means to you

Think about the course you want to do. Why do you want to do it? What are the real reasons that made you choose this career? There are many possible answers to this question, such as “it will bring me a lot of recognition,” “I have affinity with the stories,” “it fits my profile,” or even “I can make lots of money.” All the reasons are legitimate, but also take the time to think about the personal reasons that lead you to this great effort to pass this course. Forget the rewards. Think about what this means for you, what makes you pursue that dream and what will change in your life going forward. Establish what is important to you in person, and prioritize your feelings. Much more than thinking about long-term rewards such as success or money,

Post inspired by the text “How To Be Motivated: 4 New Insights From Research” by Barking Up The Wrong Tree. Click Here! (I.e.

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